UTM Stormwater Management Pond

Location : University of Toronto Mississuaga Campus

Client : UTM Stormwater Management Pond

The Erindale Campus of the University of Toronto was originally constructed in the late 1960’s which preceded concerns over the control and treatment of stormwater runoff. With major expansions to the Campus since the completion of the 2000 Master Plan, there has been pressure on the University to implement a comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan, as opposed to relying on numerous development specific SWM measures.

The Master Drainage Plan for the Campus recommended an ‘end of pipe’ facility (pond) to accommodate the water quality and erosion control objectives for the site. This pond was to be located within existing parking areas near the location where the storm drains flow into the Credit River. As a result, the parking area required reconfiguration and the natural heritage ecology of the valley needed to be incorporated into the pond design.

MGM Consulting designed the pond to service the 54.51 ha of storm catchment. The Enhanced Level controls required the provision of 6,123 m3 of permanent pool and 2,180 m3 of extended storage to service the erosion control criteria. The design includes a diversion structure that allows diversion of storm flows during maintenance operations. The weir gate also allows researchers to control flows to the pond to examine the impacts of full flow through scenarios as opposed to flows limited to first flush events.