MATTHEW L. STAIRS, B.A.SC., P.ENG. Senior Project Manager, Principal, President

Mr. Stairs is a founding principal of the firm with over 30 years of experience providing professional consulting engineering services to public and private sector clients on numerous projects across Canada. Mr. Stairs is a licensed professional engineer in the Provinces of Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba. Services he has provided include preparing various engineering and environmental studies, providing preliminary and detailed engineering designs for roadwork projects, municipal servicing projects, industrial and residential subdivisions, commercial and industrial site developments. He has provided expert engineering testimony in support of legal disputes, prepared cost sharing analysis for major land development projects and provided a full range of construction review related services. Mr. Stairs also has extensive experience in managing large multi-faceted projects and supervising multi-disciplined teams providing a full range of services from the conceptual stages through to the completion of construction. As the President and CEO of MGM Consulting Inc., Mr. Stairs assumes corporate responsibility for the firm, ensuring the timely delivery of the cost effective, quality professional services delivered to its clients.

JOHN A. BISHOP, CET. Senior Technologist, Principal, Vice President

Mr. Bishop is a senior municipal design technologist with over 15 years of experience in the design and construction of municipal and land development servicing, roadways and stormwater management features. Mr. Bishop has extensive experience in site plan engineering and the design of roads and servicing for municipalities or provincial agencies and as a component of large residential and industrial development projects. Mr. Bishop has specific expertise in providing sustainable engineering designs relevant to achieving current “Green Development Standards” and LEED accreditation. He has also functioned as a project manager, supervising multi-disciplined teams on numerous commercial, industrial and residential projects from the conceptual design phase through to completion of construction for a variety of clients in both the public and private sector. As a principal and owner of MGM Consulting Inc., Mr. Bishop takes part in key corporate decisions related to staffing, marketing, company expansion, and the day to day management of intermediate and junior technical and support staff.