Petro Canada

Location : Various Locations Throughout Ontario

Client : Petro Canada

In 1996 Petro Canada was in the early stages of its “LCI” program, which involved the revamping of existing aging sites to provide for better access, visibility, improved delivery of product, and enhanced retail operation, and an overall renewal of the Petro Canada image.


The projects typically involved the total reconstruction of existing sites, including new buildings, car washes, and convenience stores. In many instances, the site renovations included the implementation of quantity and quality stormwater management features consistent with current municipal and M.O.E. standards and requirements. Typical projects range from renovations at small retail outlets, to the construction of large commercial truck facilities (Petro Pass).

Since 1996, MGM Consulting has provided grading, site servicing and stormwater management designs for approximately 125 Petro Canada sites throughout Southern Ontario. Beyond the internal site engineering design, MGM Consulting also provided detailed engineering designs for required road widenings, turning lanes, and intersection improvements associated with the proposed Petro Canada developments.


On these projects MGM Consulting also provided construction review during the construction of on-site servicing and pavement construction and full time resident construction supervision during construction within adjacent municipal right-of-ways, consistent with the requirements of the municipality.