Woodlands Public Library

Location : Erindale Station Road, Mississauga

Client : Woodlands Public Library

The subject project included for the construction of a one story public library adjacent to the existing Woodlands Secondary School located at 3255 Erindale Station Road, in Mississauga, Ontario. MGM Consulting provided the project architects with the preliminary and detailed design of storm, sanitary and water servicing for the site, site grading design and stormwater management design.

The internal storm servicing was integral to the SWM design as it provided opportunities for the underground storage of stormwater during major storm events and an on-site infiltration feature designed to infiltrate clean roof drainage into the ground as required to achieve water balance objectives. Achieving the quantity component of the stormwater management design was complicated by being required to separate storm flows between the existing school property and the proposed library development. Site grading and orifice controls were placed strategically within the site to achieve the required flow separation.