Realignment of West Tributary of Sixteen Mile Creek

Location : Milton, Ontario

Client : Realignment of West Tributary of Sixteen Mile Creek

The West Tributary of Sixteen Mile Creek is located west of Regional Road 25, originating at the base of the Niagara Escarpment and flowing south through industrial development lands past Highway 401. In order to achieve the development objectives for the surrounding industrial development, a portion of this watercourse needed to be relocated to avoid conflicts with a proposed industrial roadway. Additionally, a lower storm outlet was required in order to avoid excessive filling within the development area. Subsequent to initial meetings with the Halton Region Conservation Authority and the Town of Milton, it was determined that a natural watercourse design was warranted for realigned or lowered sections of the watercourse and a “floodway” was created to contain flooding during major storm events. The proposed natural watercourse construction includes a meandering stream bed with constructed natural features (riffles and pools), bank treatments, and extensive landscaping.

A specialized consulting team headed by MGM Consulting Inc. included Parish Geomorphics, Landplan Collaborative, and C. Portt and Associates was retained by Harry Snoek Limited to undertake the preliminary and detailed design for the proposed realigned/lowered watercourse. MGM Consulting also supervised construction over a 2 year period, and coordinated its ultimate assumption by the municipality.

The realignment/rehabilitation of the subject watercourse involved tree clearing, stream diversions, channel construction, the construction of detailed stream and bank features, seeding, landscaping, erosion protection, fish relocations, and culvert modifications. Through the duration of the construction, MGM Consulting provided full time resident construction supervision and contract administration services ensuring compliance with the approved design, tracking quantities for payment purposes, and liaising with approving agencies throughout the construction period.