Newsletter Issue No. 3

Durham College Whitby Campus Phase 4

Photos of construction progress and finished development.

MGM was retained by Durham College, through Barry Bryan Associates, to provide civil engineering services for the construction of Durham College’s Phase 4 development project. This phase included the construction of the new Ontario Power Generation Centre for Skilled Trades and Technology (CSTT) academic building, crane field training area, expansion of the campus parking lot, and modifications to the main entrance bus loop on Champlain Avenue. The 60,000 sq. ft. new academic building, and 64,584 sq. ft. crane field, were designed to provide dedicated space to increase Durham College’s skilled trades training capacity to create more opportunities for students and applied research projects.

As part of the proposed development, MGM provided floodplain analysis through hydraulic modelling of the adjacent tributary of Corbett Creek to establish development limits, as well as provided stormwater management analysis of the entire school property with the aim of designing a system to be constructed in-line with the existing services that would bring the entire school property in compliance with latest conservation authority development requirements. MGM also provided servicing design to upgrade the existing watermain system for the main campus to address water supply issues noted by the school.

Caledon East Community Centre

Photos of construction progress.

MGM was retained by the Town of Caledon, through Barry Bryan Associate, to provide civil engineering services for the expansion of the Caledon East Community Centre located at 6215 Old Church Road in Caledon, Ontario. This expansion project includes the construction of the new 57,600 sq. ft. recreation building to house a library, gymnasium, workout room, pool, change rooms, warm viewing area into the arena, multi-purpose rooms, and a food service area to provide recreational amenities for all ages, abilities, and interests. Additionally, MGM has been retained to provide civil engineering services for the outdoor ice rink which has recently been approved by the Town and taken on by the firm. More news on this sub-project is forthcoming.

As part of the background review and investigation of the existing infrastructure, it was determined the existing stormwater management (SWM) pond did not provide the required quantity and quality control for the proposed expansion. In response to this, a massive underground storage system was designed to allow for a controlled rate of release into the SWM pond to ensure proper quantity control is achieved within the subject site. In terms of quality, a new treatment unit has been designed to treat the drainage coming from the new and existing parking lots prior to discharging to the SWM pond.

Gordon Food Service Distribution Centre, Ajax

Photos of construction progress and completed development.

MGM was retained by GFS Properties Ltd, through Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd., to provide civil engineering services for the design and construction of the Gordon Food Service Distribution centre located at 200 Salem Road North in Ajax, Ontario. This project included the construction of a new single-storey, 343,413 sq. ft. industrial building with loading docks and multiple parking lot areas. This development was designed to account for a potential 100,000 sq. ft. future expansion.

Stormwater management quality controls for a majority of the site were provided by both package treatment, in the form of a prefabricated treatment unit, and passive treatment features, such as bio-swale treatment areas which are encouraged by the local Conservation Authorities. Separate quality controls were required for the truck fueling station due to the potential gasolines, oils, heavy metals, and other contaminants surface runoff flows in this area. Discharged flows from the fueling station are directed towards an oil and water separator unit where it is processed prior to being routed into the main storm system for secondary treatment.

HeyRay Self Storage Facility, Georgetown

Photos of construction progress and completed development.

MGM was retained by Riepma Consultants Inc., to provide civil engineering services for the construction of the new HeyRay Self Storage Facility located at 13394 Highway 7 in Georgetown, Ontario. Developed in three phases, the site now holds five self storage units, one office, and paved access and parking areas including one driveway access off Highway 7.

Stormwater rate controls were achieved utilizing an orifice tube prior to outletting to the ditch on Highway 7. This orifice control ensures post development flow rates are controlled to be below the calculated allowable flow rates for major and minor storm events. A ponding area was designed in the northeast corner or the site to act both as on-site storage and quality control for flows from paved areas prior to outletting to the ditch along Highway 7.