UTM Medical Building

Location : University of Toronto’s Mississauga Campus

Client : UTM Medical Building

MGM Consulting provided Kongats Architects with preliminary and detaled engineering design services that included site grading design, storm, sanitary and water servicing design, and parking reconfiguration and stormwater management design as required to achieve quality control objectives required for the related LEED credit. For this assignment, MGM Consulting Inc. provided both design and construction review services.


Stormwater management quality controls for the site were provided by a centralized downstream pond designed by MGM Consulting Inc. to service an upstream 54.51 ha of storm catchment area. The Enhanced Level controls required the provision of 6,123 m3 of permanent pool and 2,180 m3 of extended storage to service the erosion control criteria. The design includes a diversion structure that allowed for the diversion of storm flows during maintenance operations. The weir gate also allows researchers to control flows to the pond to examine the impacts of full flow through scenarios as opposed to flows limited to first flush events.


MGM Consulting Inc. in conjunction with the project mechanical engineers, provided design information as required to achieve water harvesting objectives with the implementation of an on-site cistern to collect rainwater to be re-used as “grey water” in plumbing fixtures throughout the new building, achieving the related LEED credit for water re-use.


In addition to the above, MGM Consutling Inc. provided design and support documentation as required to obtain LEED credits for Site Selection, and Erosion and Sedimenation Controls.