Escarpment Business Community Development

Location : Milton, Ontario

Client : Escarpment Business Community Development

The Escarpment Business Community (EBC) is comprised of approximately 130 hectares of industrial / commercial lands located in Milton, north of the 401 and west of Regional Road 25. The challenges presented to the consulting team included the realignment/rehabilitation of a 1 kilometer stretch of the West Tributary of Sixteen Mile Creek; coordinating the design and construction of a Regional arterial roadway traversing the development area with the design and construction of “developer” roads; multiple ownerships including non-participating ownerships; and dealing with evolving environmental regulations and policies throughout this long term (10+ years) assignment

MGM Consulting was retained by Total Developments International to provide Project Management, Planning, and Engineering services for the development of the Escarpment Business Community from the early stages of land assembly through preliminary and detailed design, construction, to final assumption of servicing by the local municipality.

In the role of Project Managers, the senior staff at MGM Consulting directed a multi-faceted consulting team required to address the specific needs of the project including geotechnical engineers, archeologists, landscape architects, environmental specialists, geomorphologists, surveyors, utility engineers and water resource engineers. As project managers, MGM Consulting was responsible for the overall project scheduling, budget and cost control, cost sharing, public consultations, as well as tracking policy and guideline changes throughout the project.

The staff of MGM Consulting carried out the detailed engineering design including the design of municipal servicing, roadways and a stormwater management facilities (ponds) required to service the lands within EBC East development area. The design services included, detailed vertical and horizontal road alignments, water servicing design, sanitary and storm sewer design, calculations, hydraulic analyses, SWM pond design, watercourse realignment and rehabilitation, grading design, detailed earthwork analysis, composite utility coordination, landscape and utility coordination, and MOE submissions. Engineering design and drawings were completed in accordance with the Region of Halton and Town of Milton Standards.

MGM Consulting provided full contract administration and full time resident construction inspection services during the construction of servicing and roads within the EBC East and EBC West development areas. Construction related services continue as the project moves towards assumption of the two industrial subdivision developments by the municipality